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A case of financial fraud is being investigated against Trump

Perhaps the American president was lying about his assets to attract more money

New York Attorney General Leticia James announced Monday, August 24, that her office had filed a lawsuit to compel Trump Organization to comply with subpoenas. The lawsuit relates to an investigation into whether U.S. President Donald Trump, who was officially nominated as a candidate for the upcoming election, properly overstated his assets in his financial statements. The investigation has been ongoing since March 2019.

This is reported by Axios.

The investigation was launched after a former personal attorney of the president Michael Cohen testified to Congress that Trump at different times inflated his own capital to obtain better credit and insurance conditions. This is one of several investigations that are being conducted against Trump and his company.

“I have taken steps to ensure that Trump Organization, and in particular Executive Vice President Eric Trump, do not sabotage my office's investigation into the company's financial transactions. For several months, the Trump Organization has not fully responded to our subpoenas in this regard,” the prosecutor's statement said.

The prosecutor's office claims that Trump withheld documents and instructed witnesses, including Eric Trump, to refuse to answer questions under oath. And now the prosecutors want to force Trump to respond to subpoenas for documents and testimony.

U.S. law enforcement agencies have arrested former presidential adviser Steve Bannon — he is accused of corruption during a fundraising exercise to build the partially collapsed Trump Wall this year. Bannon and three other suspects raised more than $25 million in donations to build the wall at the U.S./Mexico border and misappropriated part of that amount.

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