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Will the electoral struggle split the United States?

Will the electoral struggle split the United States?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is campaigning for the country's unification. In a speech at the Democratic convention last week, he called the Trump years "an era of darkness." The press speculates about whether Biden chose the right approach.

Our political agenda is decency

Biden's main argument is his personal decency, not political slogans, as Der Standard shares this observation:

“Biden, a 77-year-old political veteran, has deliberately left out specific reform plans during his campaign. He himself is a flexible pragmatist without any definite ideology, and his strategists are also trying to prevent Trump from portraying him as left. ... If Biden manages to defeat Trump in his character-centered campaign, that will be a clear signal - both in the US and beyond.

Unlike the 20th century, today's politics in many countries is no longer shaped by total ideologies but is built through the instrumentalization of hatred - in order to gain and retain power. Trump fits perfectly into such a cohort of opportunistic power-hungry people. If he loses to a person whose main advantage is humanity, then there will be a reason for hope in other countries."

End of politics

As Der Tagesspiegel notes disapprovingly, the Democrats are turning this election into a kind of fight between good and evil:

“Like Trump, the Democrats left the plane of concrete politics - and after him switched to the 'mode of myth'. And in this mode, politics understood as difficult and exhausting negotiations with the aim of equalizing the balance of specific interests has absolutely no meaning. ... The myth is still beneficial for the democrats because it helps them to rally their ranks. ... However, in the long term, the 'mythological modus' is dangerous for democracy.

The essence of politics is the representation of legitimate interests and different opinions, and a healthy mode of politics is negotiation. But in the 'mode of myth,' even the very attempt to start negotiations is regarded as a betrayal. In fact, the mythological mode means the end of politics."

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