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Katie Holmes with her daughter Suri on a walk in New York

If a few years ago Suri Cruise appeared in public exclusively in the company of her mother's star, now that she has already grown and become independent, it is not so often possible to see her with her mother. However, the 41-year-old star and her 14-year-old daughter spent the day together yesterday. Katie and Suri were filmed on a New York street heading somewhere.

Whether it was a simple walk is hard to say, but Katy and Suri were dressed quite smartly: the actress opted for a ruffled plaid midi dress and low-heeled sandals, while her daughter opted for a medium-length blue and brown dress and gold sandals. At the same time, both were wearing protective masks: Katie matched it to the color of the outfit, but Suri chose bright pink — she has great sympathy for this color from an early age.

Katie and Suri spent their quarantine in New York. According to the actress, this time was a great lesson for her.

I just look real at everything I have and get the joy of just making dinner and spending time together,

— she admitted in an interview with The Telegraph.

After a divorce from Tom Cruise, Holmes is raising his daughter alone, although the 58-year-old actor is not prohibited from visiting her. The reason he does not do this is due to his fascination with Scientology, whose church is rumored to forbid him from seeing his daughter. However, it is possible that over time, Cruz will try to involve Suri in this religious movement in order to renew contact with her and remove her from her mother.

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