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Kim Jong-un in a coma — media

Twitter users learned from the media that the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, was allegedly in a coma, and the duties of the leader of the country passed to his sister Kim Yeo-Jong, but they were in no hurry to believe... People remembered too well the previous “demise” of the North Korean politician, so new messages were answered with a barrage of memes — in them, Kim is a superman conquering death.

On August 21, CNN reported, citing South Korean intelligence, that the head of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, transferred some powers to his sister Kim Yeo-Jung (the one who scared and charmed people online in April with a stern look). A relative of the North Korean leader, according to journalists, is responsible for some aspects of the “main policy of the state” to ease the burden on her brother.

Other high-level officials of the DPRK also received new powers, however, all power remained in the hands of Kim Jong-un, the channel said. At the same time, the BBC Russian Service draws attention to the fact that South Korean intelligence was previously mistaken in reports about its neighbors.

A few days later, on August 23, the media (mainly British tabloids — Mirror, Daily Mail, but also publications from other countries) released materials that Kim Jong Il's son was in a coma. This was allegedly reported by Jong Sung Min, a former adviser to the late South Korean President Kim Dae Jung.

I believe that he is in a coma, but his life did not end, - said Chen Sung Min to the South Korean media, according to British publications.

The main contender for power over the DPRK is Kim Yo Jong, the former adviser to the South Korean president believes. Since the country cannot maintain an information vacuum for long, Kim Jong-un's sister is being highlighted, Jong Sung Min argues.

Kim Jong-un in a coma — media

The information that the leader of the DPRK may be in a coma sparked large-scale discussions on Twitter. Only while some commentators were (again) scared by Kim Yeo Jung, others reacted with distrust to the news. It is not surprising, because rumors and reports that Kim Jong-un is dying after surgery or even died were already circulating in the spring — and then the politician appeared more than once in photos and videos in which he is more alive (and happier) than all the living.

Social network users are sure that in fact, Kim Jong-un will fabricate his next death, and are ironic about this.

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