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The Dancing Millionaire Gianluca Vacca is resting with Sharon Fonseca on a yacht in Italy

53-year-old Gianluca Vacchi and his 25-year-old lover Sharon Fonseca spend August days off the coast of Sardinia — an Italian businessman famous for dancing on Instagram, for which he received the nickname “dancing millionaire”, relaxes on a yacht.

Relaxing on a yacht with the whole family
— he told his followers.

Gianluca swims on a paddleboard with his beloved dog, a Labrador named Olaf, and dances surrounded by friends and his beloved Sharon. In May, when it became known about her pregnancy, the press wrote that the couple would have a son. But a few days ago, Gianluca hinted on Instagram that they were expecting a daughter. For both, the child will become the firstborn — earlier Wakki said that he had no children.

The Dancing Millionaire Gianluca Vacca is resting with Sharon Fonseca on a yacht in Italy

Fonseca and Vacchi have been together for about three years. Congratulating him on his birthday in early August, Sharon admitted that he never ceases to amaze her, and she learns from him.

You mean so much to so many people and continue to develop and grow as a man, partner, businessman, artist, friend, and now a future father because you always knew that you could become one. You really never cease to amaze me. You continue to take risks every day, challenging yourself, even when you don't need to step out of your comfort zone. You are a person walking the difficult path and creating opportunities for other people along the way. I will always be inspired by you. Thank you for being the best teacher and life partner,

— wrote Sharon on the social network.

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