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Tower Bridge in London was closed for 1.5 hours due to breakdown

Car traffic on Tower Bridge in London was suspended for several hours on Saturday due to a breakdown of the lifting mechanism. This was reported by The Guardian newspaper.

As the newspaper writes, in the evening when the bridge was opened to allow ships to pass on the Thames, the mechanism jammed, and the wings of the bridge got stuck at different angles.

"Tower Bridge is currently closed to pedestrians and vehicles due to a technical failure. Specialists are working hard to get the bridge working," London police said on Twitter. An hour and a half later, she notified that the bridge had been opened, but only for pedestrians. Drivers are advised to choose alternative travel routes.

The drawbridge over the Thames was inaugurated on June 30, 1894, by the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII, and his wife Alexandra. June 2019 marked the 125th anniversary of the bridge, which has become one of the hallmarks of the British capital

In just the first year since its commissioning, the bridge was raised about 6 thousand times, so galleries were erected for people to cross the Thames without wasting time. Nowadays, taking into account the decrease in the volume of shipping, the bridge is pulled apart much less often - about 850 times a year. This is done exclusively at the request of the owners of large-sized ships, made in 24 hours.

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