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In the US police officers shoot dead a black man again during arrest

The victim's family lawyer claims that the man just went to the store

In the United States, where protests recently raged over the death of black George Floyd, police in Lafayette, Louisiana, shot dead a black man, Trayford P., on Friday during his arrest. This is reported by Deutsche Welle with reference to local media.

The city police said that they received information about a man armed with a knife who was in a car park. At first, they tried to detain him with a stun gun, but when the man rushed to the supermarket, they opened fire.

The wounded 31-year-old Trafford P. was taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

The police did not report how many shots the law enforcers fired towards the deceased, but according to local media, there were about ten of them.

The lawyer for the deceased's family, Ben Crump, believes that the police responsible for the shooting should be immediately removed from their duties, and called on the police to explain “the careless shooting and the tragic murder of a man.

"Trayford was surrounded by officers and was shot at more than ten times,” the lawyer says on Twitter.

He also posted a video, allegedly filmed by witnesses, showing a black man walking down the street to a store, being caught up by the police and shooting at him. At the same time, the video shows about ten law enforcement officers.

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