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WHO told whether children should wear masks

WHO told whether children should wear masks

The World Health Organization has released updated guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19, which clarified the age at which children, like adults, must wear protective masks. Deutsche Welle reports this with reference to a WHO document.

According to the new guidelines, protective masks should be worn by children from the age of 12, like adults.

The wearing of masks by children from 6 to 12 years old is not recommended by WHO, but it is clarified that in some situations when keeping a distance is impossible, children under 12 years old can also wear masks.

As the newspaper notes, we are talking in particular about wearing masks in schools.

At the same time, young children are not advised to wear masks as they cannot properly put on and take them off on their own.

The WHO also stressed that plastic screens provide less protection than medical face masks.

We will remind, earlier in the World Health Organization called the approximate dates for the end of the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, according to the experts of the organization, it will be completed in less than two years.

On August 18, WHO named the spread of infection by young people and middle-aged people as the reason for the second wave of the global coronavirus pandemic, which covers the world.

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