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The smallest animals in their form

We decided to put together a new selection, this time with the smallest representatives of the animal kingdom. And, you know, among them there are also those that can really surprise you.

1. The smallest horse.

A horse named “Thumbelina” is officially the smallest horse in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, whose height is only 44.5 centimeters and weighs 26 kilograms. The animal was born in 2001 in St. Louis, Mussoorie state, USA. She received the title of record holder in 2006. Thumbelina takes part in a tour of America — attends kindergartens, hospitals, and schools. Like a real star, she carries all her belongings with him — she has a bedroom and a car.

2. The smallest dog.

A tiny Chihuahua named Miracle Milly entered the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest dog on the planet. At least in height, which is only 9.65 centimeters. Millie is no taller than a standard tin can. But this does not make it easier for the owners, on the contrary, caring for such a crumb is fraught with some problems. Often their favorite is simply lost in the grass while walking. Millie is already an adult, but she weighs only 400 grams and often sticks out her tongue when she is photographed. “Millie is good at posing for the camera,” the owners of the animal proudly say.

3. The smallest cow

On June 21, 2014, Guinness World Records officials recognized a six-year-old cow named Manikyam as the smallest (stunted) cow in the world. At just 61.1 cm tall, Manikyam broke the previous record of 69.07 cm. The world's smallest cow lives in a small town called Atholi in Kerala, the southern Indian state. Its owner, a farmer, and ecologist has been raising Manikyam since her birth. Despite the fact that Manikyam was fed the same way as all the other cows on the farm, she remained very small. The owner understood her uniqueness almost immediately and became more attentive to the special cow. According to the farmer, the miniature cow became a member of his family. She responds to her name, is very smart and affectionate. In the city of Atole, Manikyam has become a celebrity, everyone wants to treat her and photograph her. The Guineas Book of Records does not indicate which breed of cows the smallest cow in the world, Manikyam, belongs to, but it looks very similar to the Vechur cow.

4. The smallest bear.

Interestingly, there are only 8 species of bears in the world, and the smallest of them is the Malay Bear or Birding. They can be found in a fairly vast area from southern China to eastern India and Indonesia. The average height of a male Malay bear (they are slightly taller than females) is about 1.3 meters in length, Biruangi weighs about 70 kg. Due to their compactness and low weight, turned inward paws and long claws, Malay bears easily move through trees and often rest on branches. Biryani is also excellent rock climbers. Among other species of bears, the Malay is distinguished by a comically long tongue, its length reaching a quarter of the length of a bear. Birmingham needs a long tongue to extract honey from hives and to extract insects from deep crevices in trees.

5. The smallest monkey.

The smallest monkey in the world is the Pygmy Marmoset or the Pygmy Marmoset. Its official name is Cebuella pygmaea. The sizes of babies range from 11 to 15 cm, therefore, in common people, they are also called “finger monkeys”. They really aren't much larger than a human's finger. Characteristic features from other monkeys are black rings on the tail and special marks on the muzzle — white stripes in the form of a mustache and on the bridge of the nose. The length of the tail exceeds the length of the body of the monkey and is equal to 17.2 – 22.9 cm. There are no external features between animals of different sexes, except that the female is slightly larger.

6. The smallest cat.

A cat named “Lilliput” set a record on July 19, 2013. Her height from floor to shoulders is only 13.34 cm. Lilliputian lives in Napa, California, USA.

7. The smallest turtle.

The Pennsylvania tortoise is a very interesting reptile. It grows in length only up to 10-12 cm. This baby lives in the eastern part of America, and lives in lakes and rivers prefer shallow bays with lush vegetation and running water. Its “armored roof” has a perfect structure — the shell of the Kinosternon subforum is mobile. The head is brown, covered with yellow lines and irregular spots, paws, and tail are dull brown.

8. The smallest shark.

One of the smallest shark species is the Dwarf Spiny Shark, found in the warm coastal waters of South Africa. In addition to its size (during its life, the individual grows only up to 25 cm), it is also interesting that the only one of all species has a thorn only in front of the first dorsal fin. Despite its tiny body, it is an insidious predator that preys on squid, crustaceans, and vertebrates, often exceeding its length. However, you will hardly be able to meet her, these sharks live at a depth of 200 to 1200 meters.

9. The smallest deer.

At first glance, Pudu does not at all look like a deer — large, stately, and noble. Still would! After all, this animal grows only 80-90 cm in length and 30-35 cm in height. The mass of Pudu ranges from 7 to 11 kg. Today Pudu is a very rare species of deer and is listed in the International Red Book. They can be found only by visiting the island of Chios or the south of Chile, and earlier this animal could be admired by the inhabitants of Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Peru ...

10. The smallest hippo.

The smallest hippopotamus in the world lives only in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire. This is the Pygmy Hippopotamus or Liberian Pygmy Hippopotamus. The locals call them Zigbee. Adults of this species reach 83 cm in height at the shoulders, 177 cm in length and weigh from 180 to 275 kg, while individuals of the common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus) can reach a weight of 4500 kg. Under natural conditions, the pygmy hippopotamus is under threat of destruction, this is due to the constant deforestation and the decrease in the areas of their habitats, the civil war played an important role in reducing the population. The modern population under natural conditions does not exceed 1000 individuals. In zoos, their numbers are much greater than in the wild; in captivity, these animals reproduce well, which is a big plus.

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