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Trump's request to Britain was perplexing — media

Trump was looking for incriminating evidence on the prosecutor general

The US president’s administration “asked for help to smash its intelligence services.”

The White House asked other governments to help investigate former US Attorney General Robert Muller and his team, who were investigating alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election, writes Independent on November 2, citing a British government source.

In particular, as the newspaper writes, US President Donald Trump turned to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for help, and US Attorney General William Barr was on similar missions in Britain and Italy.

The information requested by Washington caused amazement among the US allies, an unnamed British official familiar with Barr's inquiries addressed to London said. He noted that London had “never encountered anything like it before.”

“In fact, not embarrassed by the expressions, they are asking for help in smashing their intelligence services,” the source said.

The publication notes that the Trump administration is conducting such investigations to counter the impeachment that the Democrats in Congress are seeking against the president.

Barr’s investigation focuses on discrediting Müller’s investigation and refuting the conclusion of US intelligence and Müller that Russia intervened in the US presidential election.

In the US, meanwhile, Trump's impeachment procedure is progressing. And his telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who actually served as a reason for impeachment, is gaining more and more details.

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