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The US to count votes in elections for several weeks — Trump

The US to count votes in elections for several weeks — Trump

Donald Trump criticized the opportunity to vote by mail, which was introduced in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.
US President Donald Trump said that summing up the results of the presidential elections in the country could take weeks. Reported by the Voice of America on Saturday, August 22.

Donald Trump has once again criticized the mail-order vote introduced in connection with the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus in the United States.

“The results of these elections will be known, in my opinion, within weeks, months, and perhaps never at all. It may take years, or they may never be known, because after the first week after the elections, nothing is unknown, “Trump said.

According to him, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, may take the presidency, if there are difficulties in establishing the election results.

“There is a theory that if the result is not established by the end of the year, crazy Nancy Pelosi will become the President of the United States. Do you know that? Just think,” Trump summed up.

We will remind that earlier Trump announced his intention to run for a third term. A third presidential term is prohibited by the US Constitution. Trump wants to “zero” his first term — he says “they interfered in my campaign.”

Trump also said that under Biden, Americans will have a “boring life.” Speaking in Minnesota, Trump began criticizing Fox News, a television company traditionally considered Biden's sympathizers.

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