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Indian authorities decided to split the state of Jammu and Kashmir in two

The government of India has decided to split into two parts the state of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the decision, the Ladakh region, inhabited mainly by Buddhists, was separated from the rest of the states, where mainly Muslims live. Two new governors of the newly formed states have already taken the oath, DW reports.

Kashmir is the only state in India, inhabited mainly by Muslims. A significant part of the state's population favors joining Pakistan. Radically-minded individuals are constantly replenishing the ranks of armed groups trying to force the state to leave the state of India through violent actions.

Trying to solve the state problem, the country's authorities in early August deprived Jammu and Kashmir of the semi-autonomous status prescribed in the country's constitution. This status gave the state its own constitution and broad political rights. In response, Pakistan expelled the Indian ambassador and recalled his diplomatic representative from New Delhi. The Pakistani government also said it would suspend bilateral trade with India and review some bilateral trade agreements. India, in turn, sent tens of thousands of military personnel to the state, and also significantly limited the freedom of movement of the state’s population.

Today, Indian authorities are constantly toughly suppressing any manifestations of separatism in the state, using the army and security forces.

The dispute over control of Kashmir has already led to wars between Pakistan and India three times. Their conflict began in 1947 — after the end of British colonial rule by the region. The result of a long bloody confrontation was the death of tens of thousands of people, most of whom are civilians.

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