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Facebook will ditch old design in September

Many users are not very happy with the changes in the social network, but it will be impossible to return to the old design.

Social network Facebook will switch to a new design in September. In this case, the previous design will become inaccessible to users.

The message says that the news block will become wider and more pronounced, the application will load faster, and to preserve vision, the company advised switching to dark mode. Facebook also stressed that the new design will be better than the previous one.

Meanwhile, Facebook users are not very happy with this social network decision. Many of them advocate keeping the old social network design.

Facebook began testing the new design in early 2020. At first, a small part of users got access to it.

In March, the new design became available to most users. When a user logged into a social network, he was offered to try a new design.

The new one differs from the old design in that the stories were brought up, the field for the new post is located under them; a dark background appeared, icons for sections and events became brighter and larger, the width of the Facebook feed decreased.

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