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Why Trump changed his residence permit: details

A change of residence will not relieve Trump from liability for operations involving tax deductions in the territory of New York State.

Photo: REUTERS / Leah Millis

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed confidence that US President Donald Trump was forced to relocate to avoid having to disclose his tax returns. Cuomo's words are quoted by CNN.

“I assume that personal lawyers told him that if he ceases to be a New Yorker, this will help him avoid the need to disclose tax data to the New York District Attorney,” the governor pointed out. “I see this as legal tactics, according to time is also the same. “ At the same time, Cuomo emphasized that a change of residence permit would not relieve Trump from liability for operations involving tax deductions in the territory of New York State.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance is seeking access to Trump's tax deduction data, citing the role Trump supposedly could play in paying silence to women who claimed to have had an intimate relationship with him in the past. Trump's lawyers argue that Vance’s claims are contrary to the US constitution, citing the fact that it is unacceptable to conduct the proceedings on the basis of political motives and in order to interfere with the work of the head of state.

Trump confirmed that he changed his permanent residence from New York to the city of Palm Beach (Florida). Earlier, the newspaper The New York Times, citing documents from a Palm Beach County court, said that Trump had changed his permanent residence due to tax issues. According to these documents, Trump in September notified the court that his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida should be considered his permanent residence. The former residence of the head of state was the Trump Tower skyscraper on New York's Fifth Avenue.

We previously reported that former US Vice President Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump is not completely honest because he is hiding his tax returns. A politician urging Trump to publish his tax documents.

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