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The secret base of the Chinese Navy has been declassified by the US

The secret base of the Chinese Navy has been declassified by the US

A US commercial satellite accidentally declassified a Chinese naval base in the South China Sea.

According to CNN, the military facility is located just a few kilometers from the popular Chinese resort of Sanya.

The first on the construction of the Yulin naval base on the island of Hainan was reported back in 2008 by Indian intelligence, which also periodically enters into a confrontation with China.

It is considered a key military facility for protecting China's coastline and home to the submarines of the Chinese Navy's Southern Navy.

And the other day, the American satellite company Planet Labs managed to shoot from space how the Shan 093 nuclear submarine, similar to the Chinese nuclear submarine, enters the tunnel to the Yulin base underground pier.

Building military bases underground helps Beijing hide the size and level of training of its military from the United States. However, even declassifying one such base will not give Washington a significant advantage, since China is constantly expanding and improving its fleet.

Recall that last year, near the Hainan Island in the South China Sea, an underwater nuclear explosion occurred with a yield of 10-20 kilotons of TNT.

In addition, last fall, the US Navy admitted that it is monitoring the actions of Russian submarines.

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