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Most Scots want to leave the United Kingdom

According to a recent poll, more than half of Scotland is currently in favor of independence from Britain. An independence referendum held in 2014 nearly ended with the secession of Scotland. The reason for a new round of such sentiments was Brexit and the very ambiguous policy of the London government on the issue of coronavirus. Is the United Kingdom in danger of collapse?

Pure COVID nationalism!

The head of the Scottish Government, Nicola Sturgeon, constantly threatens to impose mandatory quarantines for those returning from England — which deliberately spurs on nationalist and separatist tendencies, writes The Spectator:

“In Scotland, there is a danger of developing a new form of jingoistic patriotism: this is COVID nationalism. He drapes old prejudices with one single purpose, and that is to protect public health. In a decent society, it is no longer acceptable to call the British aggressors, but can they be called infectious? Eradicating the coronavirus is likely a priority for the Scottish government. However, if in pursuit of this goal, it reinforces its struggle with stupid, hastily cooked up and even dubious arguments, then it runs the risk of creating a new virus of a completely different kind.”

The UK threatened by Catalan scenario

A very realistic scenario in which a new referendum on independence will be held against the will of London:

“Johnson swears so far that he will not allow this. He, the political child of Brexit, perfectly remembers the fate of his two predecessors, whom the referendum killed. But the fact is that for Sturgeon, this vote is necessary as a political tool to stay in power. Therefore, Scottish nationalists are increasingly talking about the need to repeat the general poll, regardless of approval or disapproval from London. This means that the Scots can follow the path of Catalonia, where two years ago they held a referendum on independence, not recognized by the Spanish government. Thus, the situation is driven into a political impasse that will inevitably lead to an acute crisis in the governance of the United Kingdom.”

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