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Doctors are considering five diagnoses according to Navalny's condition

Doctors are considering five diagnoses according to Navalny's condition

Some analyzes carried out have not yet given an answer to why Navalny fell into a coma. It takes another two days for a complete study.

Doctors are considering five working diagnoses according to Alexey Navalny's condition, said on Friday, August 21, the chief physician of the Omsk emergency hospital No1 Alexander Murakhovsky.

“Today we have five working diagnoses. Unfortunately, I cannot name them, because there is a federal law. But I can say that they are all workers, we are working on all of them,” the doctor said.

“We are all fighting for the life of our patient,” he added.

According to the doctor, Navalny continues to undergo tests, it still takes a couple of days.

Murakhovsky also explained why it is now impossible to transport Navalny, for whom an airplane flew from Germany.

“We cannot allow the transportation of Navalny under the responsibility of his relatives if the person, according to clinical indications, causes fears about his transportation,” he said.

When asked what could happen to a blogger in the event of transportation, the doctor said that “anything you want ... even the saddest thing can happen.”

The doctor said that Navalny was still unconscious and connected to a ventilator.

In addition, he commented on the statement of the FBK director Ivan Zhdanov that, according to a representative of the transport police, a deadly substance was found in Navalny's body, which poses a danger both to him and to those around him.

“It (the substance) is dangerous to the lives of those around it. Everyone around him needs special suits. Therefore, they refuse to give Alexey to her (Yulia),” the headquarters said.

"You know, I am guided in my work by official documents. And those official documents that came to me from our chemical and toxicological laboratory, the spectrum of substances that the apparatus has already tested, are all negative," Murakhovsky said.

Let us remind you that Navalny became ill on the plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow.

Later, the state of the oppositionist stabilized, but his headquarters turned to the Russian authorities to help transport Navalny to Europe. France and Germany offered their help with treatment.

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