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California Governor Voices Major Election Issue

California Governor Voices Major Election Issue

The head of the “golden state” called climate problems such that they should be the focus of the presidential race.

The issue of climate change should be one of the main issues in the US presidential elections scheduled for November 3 this year. This was announced on Thursday, August 20, by the Governor of California, David Newsom, during a video message to the participants of the virtual National Convention of the Democratic Party.

“The problems of climate change should be given special attention. Nature has already said its word. This is a signal to us that we must move forward in solving this problem,” said Newsom.

He noted that Democrat candidate Joe Biden has worked on reducing emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere and has succeeded.

“Its performance standards have saved consumers billions of dollars and helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the governor recalled.

As reported, on August 13, a large-scale natural fire began in California, covering 11.6 thousand hectares of territory. The reason for the rapid spread of the fire was the high air temperature, low humidity, and gusty winds.

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