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Bashar al-Assad does not believe that al-Baghdadi is killed

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad made a statement with which, I think, all sane people will agree. He does not believe that al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is killed. After all, Damascus did not even interact with the United States on this issue. The news that Syria contributed to America appeared in the media, from where the SAR authorities found out about this, Assad emphasized.

One cannot disagree with him. The killing of al-Baghdadi is very absurd, in this operation, you can find a lot of inconsistencies and not a single intelligible evidence. Everything is very similar to how, under Obama, Osama bin Laden was exponentially removed.

Assad drew attention to the fact that the elimination of al-Baghdadi does not solve the problem of terrorism in the Middle East and Syria, in particular. Indeed, the ideology of ISIS, unfortunately, is still alive.

Why did the United States take such a step? This statement is needed by Donald Trump in order to raise his frail rating in anticipation of the new US presidential election. Why now? And because the chair under the same Trump is staggering — the House of Representatives of the US Congress has already held a vote on the impeachment of the current president.

So it turns out that Trump needs a resounding victory, at least some. And removing your agent al-Baghdadi was as easy as shelling pears!

Even the video that America provided as evidence because everyone already laughed at it, causes exactly the same laugh.

Everything looks like some kind of computer game, and the very dog that Trump so forces as a heroine, by the way, also got on the video. Only there she died.

Donald, this is a fiasco!

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