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Top 5 Sports World Records

Everyone understands that it is impossible to live without physical activity. Reasonable loads only bring health. Today I would like to tell you about 5 unusual sports world records. Let's start ...

5th place: Corey Lowe

The player of the show team, which specializes in basketball shows, threw the ball into the ring from 25 meters with his back to him, thereby setting a new world record, the previous record was 21 meters. His two teammates also tried to hit the long-range shot during the hour, but only Corey succeeded. Earlier, he threw the ball from 33.5 meters, already facing the basket.

4th place: Johnny Salo

American Johnny Salo in 1929 set a record in which he covered the distance of 5898 km in just 79 days. Johnny Salo's average speed was approximately 11 kilometers per hour. The marathon began on March 31, and on June 17 Johnny Salo was the first to cross the finish line. In total, he ran 525 hours 57 minutes, and 20 seconds. Until now, no one has broken his record.

3rd place: Hidekichi Miyazaki

The Japanese with an amazing result ran 100 meters, which made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The next day he turned 105 years old. He is certified as the fastest senior sprinter on earth. He ran those 100 meters in 42.22 seconds. Maybe it's slow, but he's 105 years old, it's worthy of respect!

2nd place: Michael McCastel

American Michael McCastel set a new Guinness record by pulling up the maximum number of times. He did 5804 pull-ups in 24 hours. He broke the record of the previous record holder's John Bochek, who pulled up 5801 times in 24 hours. Moreover, McCastel made the task more difficult by wearing a 13-kilogram backpack on his back. After setting a new record, he immediately went to intensive care and could not comment on his victory in any way. The first time McCastel tried to set the record, he severely injured his anterior cruciate ligament, after which he required prolonged physical therapy. He did push-ups every day to prove to himself that he could become even stronger after that defeat.

1st place: Kevin Fast

Kevin Fast is the most powerful priest on the planet. He has been in the Guinness Book of Records more than once. Since the age of 12, he has been fond of sports. His power records became famous throughout the world. He donates all his royalties to charity. His first record was a truck, he pulled it 30 meters, which weighed 57 tons., And in 2009, he pulled the plane weighing 189 tons by almost 9 (8.8) meters. In 2010, at his request, a house was installed on rails, weighing 40 tons, which he dragged 12 meters. In 2011, Kevin was able to move a fire engine 30 cm with one hand. One of his latest achievements is another record — 22 women, whom he was able to simultaneously hold on his shoulders. Such strength, purposefulness, perseverance can only be envied.

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