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A dangerous fever broke out in Spain: there is the first victim

A dangerous fever broke out in Spain: there is the first victim

The outbreak in Andalusia has already affected 35 people

A resident of the Spanish province of Seville (autonomous community of Andalusia) died due to the West Nile virus. This was reported by the EFE agency.

According to him, a 77-year-old man from the village of La Puebla del Rio became the first victim of the virus, the outbreak of which was recorded in the province. The deceased was in the intensive care unit for several days.

The outbreak in Andalusia has already affected 35 people, of whom 32 have been hospitalized.

West Nile virus is an acute infectious disease. Mosquitoes are the most common carriers of the disease.

As a reminder, the deadly West Nile fever came to Ukraine back in 2013. The first case of infection with the West Nile virus was detected by Zhytomyr doctors in the Malinsky district.

And in 2012, 147 people became victims of West Nile Fever in the United States. The outbreak of fever has become the most severe in US history. In a few weeks, more than three and a half thousand cases of the disease were recorded in almost all American states.

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