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Trump talks about his relationship with Kim Jong-un

Trump talks about his relationship with Kim Jong-un

US President Donald Trump said that he and the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un have a good relationship.

The American leader noted that he is often asked if it is awful that he maintains good relations with the head of the DPRK. However, according to him, it is, on the contrary, wonderful. Trump also said that if he had not won the 2016 presidential election, there would have been a war between the United States and North Korea, in which millions of people would have died.

Earlier, journalist Bob Woodward in his new book revealed the details of the personal correspondence between Trump and Kim Jong-un. According to him, the North Korean leader, in his letters to the US President, talked about the fantastic friendship between them.

Trump and Kim Jong-un met for the first time in 2018 in Singapore when the two leaders signed an agreement under which Pyongyang would abandon its nuclear weapons. Their second summit in early 2019 in Vietnam was interrupted. The US President and the DPRK leader met again in June of that year in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea and agreed to resume negotiations. However, in October, negotiations between the two sides reached an impasse.

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