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Americans are fleeing large cities

COVID-19 and liberalism are killing American cities

In the United States, residents of major cities are leaving them en masse: fear of coronavirus and unrest is forcing citizens to leave their homes.

New York real estate agencies record volumes of vacant housing. In Manhattan alone, more than 13,000 apartments are currently being leased, which is more than double the figure for the same period a year earlier. Not only the volumes of concluded lease agreements decreased but also rental rates.

According to experts, the number of vacant residential real estate in the Big Apple has become a record over the past 14 years. In an effort to retain old tenants as well as attract new ones, homeowners are taking unprecedented measures by offering a free month of residence after a year of rent.

Realtors believe that the end of the coronavirus epidemic will not in any way affect the situation in terms of its improvement since many of the large companies have almost completely transferred their employees to telecommuting, and now office workers do not need to live near corporate headquarters or offices.

The situation is even worse in Los Angeles, of which Hollywood is a part, called the American Dream Factory.

The City of Angels is overrun by homeless people who occupy entire neighborhoods in the heart of expensive neighborhoods. The parking lots are filled with wrecked mobile homes, sheltering crowds of homeless people.

No one is trying to fight this, since such outrages are not prohibited by law. The City Hall has installed dry closets on Los Angeles streets, but the homeless ignore them.

“Addicts and homeless people, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk like zombies through palm-lined streets just three blocks from millions of dollars of homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Stolen bicycles are dumped in a tall pyramid on sidewalks strewn with broken syringes, “the Daily Mail describes the horrors of Los Angeles, calling what is happening” the Hollywood apocalypse.“

Many New Yorkers and Los Angeles residents who have to leave their homes are blamed not so much on the coronavirus as on the liberal policy of the authorities and the inaction of Democratic mayors Bill DE Blasio and Eric Garcetti.

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