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Ready to personally read the transcript of the conversation with Zelensky — Trump

The American president wants to address the Americans in the format of “conversations by the fireplace”

Photo: AFP

US President Donald Trump is ready to personally speak to fellow citizens, ordinary residents of the United States, with the text of the transcript of his July phone call to his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky.

The owner of the White House said this in an interview with Washington Examiner.

“One day I’m going to sit down and, perhaps, in the format of a conversation by the fireplace on the air, read the transcript of the conversation because people need to hear it,” Trump said.

As the US president explained, he wants American citizens to understand his point of view, calling the conversation with Zelensky “a good telephone conversation.”

In addition, in an interview, Trump emphasized that he was not going to cooperate with members of the Democratic Party in the US House of Representatives in the investigation of the impeachment case.

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