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Democratic convention ahead of the US presidential election

Democratic convention ahead of the US presidential election

In the United States, the congress of the Democratic Party has been going on for three days already, Joe Biden was officially nominated as a presidential candidate from the party, and Kamala Harris for vice president. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton addressed the delegates.

Democrats have been practicing their criticism of Donald Trump for several days. The presidential campaign is in full swing, what can you do. At their convention, the Democrats have already nominated Joe Biden for president, and now they are trying to mobilize as many elections as possible under their wing.

All the most interesting from the congress:

Who will say harder

Barack Obama has completely departed from the traditional post-presidential protocol and declared that his successor has completely failed without even really trying to do anything.

“He didn't even try,” Obama said. - For almost four years now, he has not shown any interest in work, does not look for common ground, does not try to use the enormous power of his position to help at least someone except himself and his friends, and turned his own presidency into a reality show to get the attention he craves. Donald Trump has not grown into this job as a professional, because he is not given it. And the consequences of this failure are serious: 170,000 Americans died. Millions are out of work and executives are paid even more than ever before. ”

Obama also suggested that Trump made political pawns out of law enforcement.

Trump's response

At a press conference in the White House, the incumbent was asked what he thinks about the statements of his predecessor to him.

"I see the horror that he left us, how ridiculous he was doing business," Trump replied. "Look how ineffective president he was. The main reason why I am now standing in front of you is called Obama and Joe Biden!" Trump.

After that, Trump tweeted: "Welcome, Barack, and the scam Hillary. See you on the battlefield!"

Back during the 2016 election campaign, Obama said that he would accept Trump's election as a personal insult. Over the next four years, he became increasingly outspoken in criticizing a successor who was destroying his political legacy.

More Americans will be able to vote by mail in November than before the pandemic. Trump and Biden will meet three times in a debate this fall.

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