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At Marriott hotel chain sued in London over customer data breach

A class-action lawsuit was filed in the High Court of London against the hotel chain Marriott International in connection with the breach of customer data. The Financial Times writes about this.

“Reporter Martin Bryant ... filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the victims in England and Wales, whose identity was disclosed following reservations through the Starwood Hotels group, which is now part of Marriott International,” the newspaper writes.

It is estimated that the leak affected nearly 7 million of the network's former customers in England and Wales, the newspaper said. The data includes the names of guests, their postal and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, as well as passport and credit card details, the newspaper said. Bryant sought a class action lawsuit because he wanted to draw attention to the need for responsible storage of data, the article says.

Almost a year ago, in July 2019, the UK authorities fined the Marriott International hotel chain ВЈ99.2 million for leaking Starwood hotel customer data.

In November 2018, Marriott discovered that a hacker attack had stolen data from 383 million customers who had booked hotel rooms over a four-year period.

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