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COVID-19 situation deteriorates sharply in Europe

COVID-19 situation deteriorates sharply in Europe

In many countries of the European Union, the number of detected cases of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to increase rapidly. Reports the European media.

In Spain, on August 19, the coronavirus was detected in 3,715 people. This is the highest daily rate of illness since late June when nationwide self-isolation measures were lifted.

In Italy, over the past day, COVID-19 was detected in 642 people. This is a record number of people infected in the country since late spring.

In Germany, more than 1,700 cases were recorded per day, which was the highest figure since April.

In France, over the past day, 3800 people infected with coronavirus were identified. In a third of cities, the authorities obliged citizens to wear masks in crowded places, including in the open air.

Earlier we wrote that Oxford is starting human trials of a coronavirus vaccine. Germany is also starting to test the COVID-19 vaccine in humans. In the United States, human trials of the vaccine began back in March.

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