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In China, people leave the city en masse due to a leak at a chemical plant

In China, people leave the city en masse due to a leak at a chemical plant

In Leshan, Sichuan Province, China, an unknown substance, possibly chlorine, was leaked at a chemical plant, causing people to leave the city en masse.

Huge traffic jams have formed on the streets, writes The Epoch Times.

At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party officially announced that no explosions or emergency situations at the enterprises allegedly happened. As noted by the publication, this forced Internet users to вАЬbombardвАЭ officials in social networks.

Users reported an explosion at a chemical plant in the Wutongqiao area in Leshan, resulting in a poisonous gas leak.

Eyewitness videos show many people leaving the city in motorcycles and cars, and the streets are filled with people who want to evacuate.

Later, the Communist Party admitted that there is a strong chemical smell and fog in the central area of Wutongqiao, the reason for this is being established.

Zhang Guoqing, secretary of the district party committee, said that no excess of the norm for hydrogen fluoride and chloride, chlorine, ammonia, volatile organic compounds was recorded.

Local residents, in turn, claim that they smelled a pungent smell on August 18. They also saw white smoke rising over the city from the side of Wutong Bridge.

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