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Kim Yo-Jung de facto became the second most powerful person in the North Korean

While the world media is following the movements of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un across the country, he decided to get rid of excess power and delegated some of his powers to his entourage, including his sister.

This was reported by the South Korean portal Yonhap, citing data from the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea.

“Chairman Kim Jong-un still retains his absolute power, but part of it is gradually being delegated,” the intelligence notes.

In particular, his sister Kim Ye Jong, who holds the position of Deputy Director of the Department of the Central Committee of the DPRK Workers' Party, was given the authority to conduct the general affairs of the state and, in particular, she was given responsibility for the policy towards the United States and South Korea, which she recently openly threatened war.

“Kim Yo-Jung is de facto the second person in the state, but the successor (Kim Jong-Un) Has not yet been chosen,” — says the report, which was presented on August 20 at the National Assembly of South Korea.

The head of the DPRK shared power with other people. In particular, Deputy Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Pak Bong Joo and Prime Minister Kim Tok Hoon was entrusted with control over the economic sector.

In addition, Kim Yo-Jung shared his power over the military, sharing it with the director of the Department of Military Affairs of the Workers' Party Choi Poo Il, deputy chairman of the Central Military Committee of the party, Ri Pyeongchol.

According to intelligence, the delegation of powers was committed to relieving Kim Jong-un of the stress of his rule and the blame in the event of the failure of Pyongyang's policies.

Recall that it is Kim Yo-Jung who is one of the main candidates for the status of his brother's successor. However, it is not the only one, and earlier the Segodnya news analyzed who else can take the place of the North Korean leader.

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