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In Mexico, the number of people infected with COVID has exceeded more than 500 thousand

In Mexico, the number of people infected with COVID has exceeded more than 500 thousand

In Mexico, doctors over the past day identified 5,792 cases of infection with the new coronavirus, 286 more than on Tuesday. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country at the end of February, a total of 537,031 people have become ill. This is reported by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

There has been a “steady trend” in the country in recent weeks, indicating that the epidemic is declining, he said. To date, 367,537 people have recovered.

Over the past 24 hours, authorities have recorded 707 deaths, 44 fewer than on Tuesday. The total number of deaths of infected patients has risen to 58,481. “Mortality has clearly been decreasing over the past three weeks, and this is another very positive signal,” said Lopez-Gatell.

The occupancy rate of hospitals in the country is 39% on average. In intensive care units, the proportion of occupied beds equipped with mechanical ventilation devices decreased to 33%.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump believes that the partially built wall on the border with Mexico helps prevent new cases of coronavirus infection in the United States.

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