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Trump considered Obama incompetent

US President Donald Trump has spoken out about the incompetence of his predecessor as head of state, Barack Obama. He said this during a press conference at the White House, reports the Associated Press.

According to the American leader, his coming to power was facilitated by the fact that Obama did not do his job. “I really liked the life I led before. I'm here because President Obama and [the former Vice President and a most likely democratic contender in the upcoming election] worked before me, Joe Biden. If they had done their job well, I would not be here, “ the American leader admitted.

Trump suggested that if Obama and Biden had performed their duties properly, he would not have run for President in 2016. “Obama left us a complete nightmare here, and the deals he made were stupid,” the head of the White House complained.

Earlier, the head of state came up with a joint nickname for Obama and Biden. It was noted that Trump is known for his love of giving nicknames. For example, he often refers to his main election opponent as “sleepy Joe”.

The US election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to the SSRS, 50 percent of respondents are ready to vote for the Democrats. Trump and incumbent Vice President Michael Pence won 46 percent of the vote of potential voters.

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