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Trump did not rule out the possibility of changing Puerto Rico to Greenland

In 2018, US President Donald Trump wanted to exchange the island state of Puerto Rico associated with the United States for Greenland. This was announced on the air of the MSNBC television company by a former adviser and. about. Head of the US Department of Homeland Security Miles Taylor.

Administration officials have spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricanes Maria and Irma that hit the country in September 2017, killing nearly 3,000 people. Because of this, in August 2018, Trump asked if the US could “sell Puerto Rico.”

“He asked us if we could sell Puerto Rico or trade Puerto Rico for Greenland,” said a former BIM employee. They say Trump thought that poor people live in this country. “The fact that the President of the United States wanted to take the territory of the United States, where the Americans live, and exchange it with a foreign state, does not hold water,” he stressed. Trump's statement was allegedly not a joke.

We will remind that earlier Trump confirmed the rumors published in the media about his intentions to buy Greenland for the United States. Journalists also published the “cost” of the largest island on the planet: the White House was ready to make a large tranche, and then pay Copenhagen $600 million annually.

Commenting on this, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called the idea of buying Greenland “an absurd topic” and ruled out the possibility of selling the island.

In response to Denmark's reluctance to discuss a deal on the world's largest island, the White House canceled an official visit by the US president to the kingdom scheduled for September 2-3.

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