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A giant anomaly above Earth could disable satellites

The earth's magnetic field is a huge shield that does not repel charged particles coming from the sun. But over the territory of South America, part of the Atlantic ocean, there is a weak spot where the magnetic field is very weak. It was called the South Atlantic Anomaly. About the reasons for its appearance and what it can lead to told NASA.

The anomaly arose from the tilt of the Earth and the flow of molten metal inside the outer core. Our planet is like a magnet. But the surrounding field is uneven, due to the fact that the molten metal inside is in constant motion. When the core changes its position, the magnetic field also fluctuates. This led to the appearance of such a weak point.

It is dangerous because it does not delay charged particles, which may well disable space satellites. So, if a photon hits an object in orbit, it will cause a short circuit, which will lead to a malfunction or permanent damage to the device.

To prevent this, operators disable part of the system when satellites fly over the South Atlantic Anomaly. Scientists found that this area of the weak magnetic field began to grow. They believe that it can split into two parts. That is why the anomaly is constantly monitored.

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