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The number of people infected with coronavirus in Brazil is close to 3.5 million

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Brazil is close to 3.5 million

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Brazil per day increased by 49 298, to 3 456 652. This is evidenced by data published on Wednesday by the Ministry of the health of the Republic.

According to the Agency, three-quarters of the infected (2,615,254) have recovered, and the other 730,298 patients remain under medical supervision. The number of fatalities per day increased by 1,212 and reached 111,100. For 1 million people, there are 16,449 infections and 529 deaths due to the effects of coronavirus infection.

Last week, 304,684 new infections were recorded - slightly higher than the week before, but less than in the last two weeks of July, when the figure reached a record 319,653 and 313,364. the Number of new deaths has been declining over the past three weeks. In the period from 9 to 15 August, it was 6,755.

According to the Agency's estimates, the country reached a plateau in the number of deaths in June.

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