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The breed of dogs has risen sharply due to the statement of Donald Trump

The US President said that the Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois participated in the elimination of the leader of the “Islamic State”

Dog Conan, who participated in the elimination of the leader of the “Islamic State”
Photo: twitter.com/realDonaldTrump

Malinois Belgian Shepherd Prices have skyrocketed due to a recent statement by US President Donald Trump. He said that it was the representatives of this breed of dogs who participated in the liquidation of the leader of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“I received an offer to sell the same dog for 85 thousand dollars. Before US President Donald Trump showed a photo of the heroic dog Conan, adult Malinois sold for up to 25 thousand dollars, and puppies for two thousand dollars,” says Irene Howcroft, owner of the nursery Ruidoso Malinois (the largest supplier of Malinois in the US Army). The woman added that now she was bombarded with requests to sell a dog. At the same time, 73 malinoises are now growing in the nursery.

By the way, on October 30, Trump posted on his Twitter page a photograph of the dog Conan, who became one of the key participants in the special operation. In the picture, the president hangs a fictional award on the shepherd’s neck — a medal in the form of a dog’s paw. “American hero!” — signed the head of the White House.

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