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Lukashenko - illegitimate: results of the EU summit

The Council of the European Union has announced the official position of Europe on the protests in Belarus

The presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9 were illegitimate - the European Union does not recognize their results, according to which Alexander Lukashenko was elected for the sixth term in a row.

According to the press service of the EU Council, the leaders of the EU member states came to this decision on August 19 during the summit on the events in Belarus, which was held in the format of a video conference.

In particular, among their key decisions:

The presidential elections in Belarus were neither free nor fair, so the EU does not recognize their results.

The EU Council stands in solidarity with the people of Belarus in their aspiration to realize their fundamental democratic rights.

The EU condemns disproportionate and unacceptable violence by security forces against peaceful demonstrators and looks forward to a full and transparent investigation of all alleged violations.

The EU will soon impose personal sanctions against those responsible for violence, repression, and falsification of election results.

Any further deterioration of the situation will affect relations between Belarus and the EU and will have negative consequences.

The EU calls on the Belarusian authorities to end the violence and start looking for a way out of the crisis through de-escalation and comprehensive national dialogue, which should be supported by all parties, including third states.

The EU will monitor the situation closely and stand ready to contribute to efforts towards a peaceful end to the crisis.

Also in this regard, Brussels will allocate 53 million euros for programs of assistance to Belarus, which will not be associated with the state. 50 million will be directed to the program to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, 2 million - for benefits to victims of unprecedented violence and another million to support civil society and independent media.

Recall that earlier the demonstrators opposing Lukashenko's sixth term were also supported by US President Donald Trump. He assures that Washington's reaction to what is happening in Minsk and other cities will be coordinated with the EU.

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