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Lukashenko “heard” NATO drumming with tracks on the border with Belarus

The dictator justified the withdrawal of the army to the border with Poland and Lithuania

After Belarus deployed and alerted troops on the western border, President Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Ministry of Defense to pay special attention to the movement of NATO troops in Poland and Lithuania.

He stated this at a meeting of the Security Council, BelTA informs.

“We must track the direction of their movement and their plans. But at the moment we see all these plans. It does not bother us much, but some facts, especially in the Grodno direction, make us think. Therefore, we must take measures and not hesitate to withdraw our armed forces and equipment on the directions of their movement, “Lukashenko said.

According to him, attention should be paid to the Grodno direction, where there is alleged “a very great desire to destabilize the situation even more than in Minsk.”

“Drumming with caterpillars on the border with Belarus, conducting exercises now is counterproductive. They must understand this, and they will be responsible for it if something happens,” Lukashenka decided to scare the fictitious opponent.

On August 16, a NATO spokesman said: The North Atlantic Alliance is not increasing its presence in Eastern Europe.

Let us also remind that it was Belarus who decided to scare them with weapons near the borders of NATO, and from 17 August on the western border of the country, a three-day exercise with the participation of artillery and rocket forces was to begin.

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