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US Ambassador to the UK criticized for comments on issues of religion, sex, and skin color

US Ambassador to the UK criticized for comments on issues of religion, sex, and skin color

The Inspector-General of the US Department of State found out that the country's ambassador to Great Britain, Woody Johnson, made “inappropriate or tactless comments” to his employees on issues of religion, sex, and skin color.

Johnson is a billionaire from the family that founded the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson and the owner of the New York Jets franchise. He was appointed to his post by President Donald Trump and has been in office since August 2017. The inspector general said the Department of State should conduct a formal review of Johnson's compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and, based on the results, “take appropriate action.”

The State Department, in turn, said it did not agree with the recommendation. A spokesman for the federal agency noted that Johnson is “a valued member of the team who has led the UK diplomatic mission with integrity and professionalism.”

After receiving a response, the Inspector General said the issue remained “unresolved”. In his report, he pointed out that Johnson's “demanding and tenacious working style” sometimes negatively affected the morale of embassy workers. For example, he sometimes hinted to employees who, in his opinion, resisted his decisions that he could replace them.

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