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In France, the wearing of masks will be monitored by special police forces

In France, the wearing of masks will be monitored by special police forces

Those who ignore wearing the mask will face fines, and repeated violations can end up in prison.

As the number of people infected with coronavirus increases in France, more than a hundred police special forces officers will go to the municipality of Marseille in the South of the country. There, they will make sure that local residents always wear masks on the street.

Since July 13, the number of COVID-19 patients in the country has been growing rapidly. This has been going on for five weeks in a row. Also, the daily number of new cases has been growing for the fourth day in the country. This is evidenced by WHO data.

The government sent 130 officers of a special police unit to the municipality of Marseille, where masks became mandatory in all markets and in some areas. French government spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed: “We are strengthening controls on the use of masks.”

The officers who were sent to Marseille belong to the special unit of the Compagnies Republicaines de Securite. He usually deals with fighting street riots. But in times of pandemics, the unit will patrol the streets and make sure that the French wear masks.

“We will not be able to assign a police officer to every Frenchman. This is a question of the integrity and responsibility of citizens. We should not be afraid of a fine, but of a virus,” Attal said.

Since July 21, in France, it is mandatory to wear a mask indoors. And from August 10, all residents of Paris who are more than 11 years old are required to wear face protection in public places on the street. Violators will be fined 135 euros. If someone violates the mask rules more than three times a month, they will be imprisoned for six months.

The decision to send CRS officers to Marseille came after a wave of protests against the masks. Groups of people in France are also boycotting certain stores that require customers to wear masks.

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