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Trump supported the rebellious Belarusians

Trump supported the rebellious Belarusians

US President calls marches in Belarus peaceful

The USA supports the participants of anti-government demonstrations in Belarus and the democratic aspirations of the country's residents.

This, speaking on August 18 on the occasion of the centenary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, said US President Donald Trump. The event was broadcast on the White House Facebook page.

“You have to understand — I like to see democracy. Democracy is a very important word. It doesn't seem that there is too much democracy in Belarus,” Trump said.

He noted that the United States is negotiating with many countries and “at the right time will talk with Russia.”

Undoubtedly, there is a very large march there, and it seems that it is a very peaceful march ... It seems to be a very peaceful protest, and I support democracy, “ the American president assured.

Trump also compared the situation in Belarus to the protests that swept the United States after the murder of a black American, George Floyd, in the city of Minneapolis.

It should be reminded that on August 9 the sixth presidential elections in the history of the country ended in Belarus. According to the final results of the CEC, the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won. This did not suit either the opposition or the people — now there is numerous evidence of falsifications, and the Belarusians have been participating in massive anti-government protests for more than a week. On August 16, Minsk hosted the largest action in the history of independent Belarus — the Freedom March, which, according to various estimates, gathered up to 220 thousand people.

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