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Poland has already hosted the first refugees from Belarus

Poland has already hosted the first refugees from Belarus

Poland has begun accepting the first political refugees from Belarus and has opened the way for those who feel in danger because of their political beliefs.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Marcin Przydacz said this on air to RMF FM.

He recalled that in international law there is such a thing as a humanitarian visa, as well as granting asylum.

“But at the same time we asked our consuls and border guards to issue visas as soon as possible in a situation of political threat,” said Przydacz.

“There are all sorts of requests, so far isolated, requests to cross the border without the appropriate documents. We have opened such a path for those who run away from their country for political reasons, and it is open for everyone who feels a threat,” the deputy minister explained.

He stressed that this is not an encouragement to leave Belarus, but only a guarantee in case of problems.

“There are cases when in recent days people have asked for such support from the Polish state and received such support,” said Przydacz, answering the question of who used the right to political asylum in Poland.

Let us remind you that last week the Polish Seim adopted a resolution condemning violence against peaceful demonstrators in Belarus and calling on the government to consider the possibility of accelerating the admission of refugees from this country.

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