The head of Xiaomi spoke about creating a transparent smartphone

The head of Xiaomi spoke about creating a transparent smartphone

The head of the company also recalled that a model with a transparent back cover was previously produced.

Xiaomi does not plan to release a smartphone with a transparent case. The company's chief Executive, lei Jun, said this on his Weibo account.

Answering questions from subscribers, the entrepreneur noted that at the moment it is difficult to create such a device. However, Jun stressed that in The line of Xiaomi smartphones there are devices with a transparent cover, through which you can observe the components of the gadget. In particular, the head of the company advised users to look at the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which has a similar back panel.

Journalists noticed that the release of a smartphone with a transparent screen in the near future is unlikely since the main components of the device are hidden behind the display in phones. At the same time, it is possible to release a TV with a transparent matrix if you transfer its internal parts to the stand for the device.

Earlier, we reported that the United States intends to pay countries for rejecting Huawei equipment.

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