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The US military will use locusts

The US military will use locusts

The creation of cyborg sappers from insects was carried out by the order of the United States Navy.

Researchers from the University of Washington in St. Louis have completed the transformation of locusts into cyborgs. Writes about this ScienceDaily.

Experts inserted electrodes into the insect's brain, with the help of which they began to obtain data on how it reacts to odors.

“Locusts with implanted electrodes can smell explosives, find the source of the smell, and report it to a person. In addition, these insects can quickly and accurately distinguish TNT from dinitrotoluene. It turned out that the neurons in the brains of the locust react differently to TNT and dinitrotoluene, as well as to other pairs of chemicals, ”the message says.

It is noted that in the process of experiments with insects, scientists, using the example of locusts, optimized the perception system created earlier for biorobots, which is capable of transmitting information to people.

Also, scientists figured out how the reaction of the locust brain to smell in different concentrations differs. This allowed them to set up a system to determine the exact location of the odor source.

“To keep the insects stable while studying their brain activity, we performed a complex surgical procedure to attach electrodes that would not interfere with the movement of the locust,” the researchers said.

Developers are now ready to test cyborgs in the field.

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