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Trump made a statement on trade disputes with China

Kouchner called President Trump a realist on China

Photo: Reuters

The United States and China have reached a consensus on how to resolve their trade disputes, said adviser to the President of the United States, Jared Kushner, speaking at the Future Investment Initiative international investment forum in the capital of Saudi Arabia.

“I think that now we have come to an understanding with China regarding where we want to move,” he said.

Kouchner also called President Donald Trump “realist” in this matter, and US trade policy toward China “one of the boldest things for the entire presidency.”

“He paid for all the consequences ... paid during his presidency, but all the benefits — jobs that will return to the market — will appear after," Kouchner concluded.

Earlier, the apparatus of the US representative at trade negotiations following consultations with Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He, in which American Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin also participated, issued a statement that the United States and China were close to completing work on some points of the trade agreement. US President Donald Trump also praised the process of trade negotiations with China, noting that China is now going to purchase much more agricultural products.

The media informed that the Chinese authorities intend to ask the United States to abolish duties on a number of Chinese goods and return to the original tariffs for products worth $250 billion.

China and the United States have been intense negotiations for several months to eliminate trade contradictions.

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