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“Cyborg devices” will monitor the state of human health

“Cyborg devices” will monitor the state of human health

Scientists from the American chemical society presented the concept of a “cyborg device” that can be painlessly integrated into various structures of the human body. It monitors the state of health and monitors the development of diseases.

Scientists explained that such devices can track the user's health status — for example, the development of a tumor or the process of repairing damaged tissues. But connecting electronics to tissues in the body is a big problem. Patients may experience discomfort, and the body may reject third-party medical devices.

To solve this problem, researchers abandoned traditional microelectronic materials-silicon, gold, stainless steel, and iridium. They began to study the properties of organic electronic materials, such as conjugated polymers, which are used in non-biological devices. So they found a chemically stable example that is usually used as an antistatic coating for electronic displays. After testing, the researchers found that the PEDOT polymer has the properties necessary to connect hardware and human tissues.

In the case of these materials, the polymers are electrically and ionically active. Therefore, the resistance of the ions provides the necessary charge for their operation. The material has significantly improved the performance of medical implants, increasing the signal quality and battery life.

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