US shale oil production in September will fall to 7.56 million barrels per day

The drop in us shale oil production in September 2020 compared to August will amount to 19 thousand barrels — up to 7.56 million barrels per day. This is stated in the report of the energy information administration (EIA) of the US Department of energy.

At the same time, the actual production of shale oil in August was higher than the values expected by the Agency in the previous forecast, 7.58 million b / d against the estimate of 7.49 million b / d.

The decline in extraction volumes is expected in four of the seven oil-bearing areas where the production of hard-to-recover oil is concentrated on the report notes. The biggest drop is forecast for projects in the Eagle Ford formation, where the average daily production of shale oil is expected to decrease in August by 14 thousand barrels — to 1.08 million b / d.

Production in comparison with the actual August data is also expected to decrease in the Anadarko formation by 13 thousand barrels per day up to 383 thousand b / d, in the Nayobrar formation — by 5 thousand b/d — up to 595 thousand b / d. But the Permian basin is expected to grow by 7 thousand barrels per day — up to 4.15 million BPD. Production in the Bakken formation may increase by 7 thousand b/s, up to 1.19 million b/d.

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