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In Argentina, there were protests against the government's policy

In Argentina, there were protests against the government's policy

Protests against the government's policies were held in several cities in Argentina, where quarantine measures imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus are still in place. According to the TV channel Todo Noticias, in addition to the capital, demonstrations were held in Cordoba, Rosario, and Tucuman.

In Buenos Aires, the largest demonstration took place at the Obelisk, around which thousands of people gathered. Many protesters took part in the demonstration without getting out of their cars, a column of which stretched for several blocks.

Demonstrations were also held in other districts of the city. Hundreds of people with Argentine flags blocking one of the city's largest avenues, the Cabildo. Many of those gathered had kitchen utensils in their hands, which they knocked on. Noise in support was also heard from windows throughout the area.

Most of the demonstrators ' posters were dedicated to protests against the judicial reform that the government of Alberto Fernandez wants to carry out. In their opinion, the change in the current system is beneficial to the former President and current Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who is involved in several criminal cases. Some of the protesters also spoke out against the quarantine restrictions, which have been in effect for 150 days, and asked for measures to combat crime.

The protests were timed to commemorate the hero of the struggle for independence of the Spanish colonies in South America, General Jose de San Martin. The Argentine government did not interfere with the demonstrations but criticized the organizers, and health Minister Hines Gonzalez Garcia called “ calling the March in today's conditions irresponsible.” Mayor of Buenos Aires Horacio Larreta of the opposition coalition “Together for change” refrained from supporting the demonstration. “We are in a difficult situation in the context of a pandemic, and we must avoid situations where people come together,” he said at a news conference.

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