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The saltiest places on earth

Many people mistakenly consider the seas and oceans to be the largest suppliers of salt. However, 96% of all water is in the World Ocean. It contains thousands of billions of tons of dissolved salts, and its salinity is constantly changing. At the poles, snow, and ice significantly dilute the composition of the water. But there are places on our planet that have a much higher salt concentration.

Salt road

Sicily The salt road (Via del Sale) stretches along the western coast of Sicily for several tens of kilometers. Salt mining here is still carried out using traditional methods that have not changed for two thousand years. Workers dig in small tanks filled with seawater. Evaporating, it leaves the only salt on the surface.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Colombia The unique Salt Park is located near the capital of Colombia, Bogota. The main attraction of the park is the Salt Cathedral, hidden at a depth of two hundred meters. Walls, interiors, and decorative elements are entirely made of mineral.

The Dead Sea

Israel The abundance of minerals dissolved in the water destroys many microorganisms that enter it. The coastal cliffs of the lake shimmer with crystallized sodium chloride: here the sun evaporates water, decorating the shores with an intricate fractal pattern. This is the deepest hyper-mineralized lake in the world (330 meters). In recent years, the size of the reservoir has decreased significantly, but Israeli geologists believe that the situation will soon stabilize.

Don Juan pond

Antarctica The waters of Don Juan Pond are 44% saline. The depth of the reservoir is only 10 centimeters, and scientists still cannot understand the reasons for hypersalinity. It was accidentally discovered by geologist Jay Dixon, who then spent years studying the pond.

Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia The world's largest salt reserve is found in Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni covers an area of 10,500 square kilometers. This is all that remains of the prehistoric mega-lake. The pool is paved with bloated hexagonal salt crystals stretching all the way to the horizon. A brine rich in minerals is collected under the firm bark. Among other things, it contains half of the world's lithium supply.

Lake Eyre

Australia In fact, there is a whole network of lakes of this kind scattered across southern Australia — Eyre, Torrance, Frome, and Gardener. The country is considered one of the world's largest exporters of salt, producing 11 million tons of material annually. 90% of the product goes to overseas markets.

Goderich Salt Mine

Canada The mine is operated by Compass Minerals. Its depth (549 meters) is comparable to the famous CN Tower located in Toronto. The mine covers an area of 7 square kilometers and produces 7.25 million tons of salt annually.

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