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The number of unemployed continues to grow in Israel

The number of unemployed continues to grow in Israel

The country is facing a deep economic crisis, so unemployment may continue to grow.

The Central Statistical Bureau of Israel on Monday published data on unemployment in Israel — it has increased by almost a percent since June, writes Israel info.

Israel is entering a deep economic crisis, the decline in production in the last quarter was 29 percent, this can not but affect the state of the labor market. At the same time, the indicators continue to fall and by the end of the year, the decline in production will leave another third of the current level.

In June, unemployment in Israel was 11.8 percent — 483 thousand of the working population, in July, unemployment reached 12.4 percent. Out of the working population, 200,000 people were temporarily absent from work due to the crisis, and their financial situation suffered.

460,000 people are currently employed in temporary jobs and their situation cannot be called stable. 88% of the employed work full-time.

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