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Snowden's lawyer commented on Trump's words about pardoning his client

Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, who represents the interests of former us national security Agency employee Edward Snowden, who lives in Russia, believes that US President Donald Trump should stop criminal prosecution against his client, and not pardon him, since he did not commit a crime.

The lawyer said: “I would like to draw special attention to the fact that in this case, we can not talk about clemency, but we must talk about the termination of any prosecution against Edward Snowden since he did not commit any crime. The information that he gave to Americans and citizens of other foreign countries was first of all users, it was socially significant in terms of the fact that the US intelligence services monitor not only Americans but also citizens of other foreign countries.”

“I think that once trump spoke on this topic, he shares these values, this position of Edward Snowden. And it took him some time to realize that the prosecution of Edward Snowden is illegal. Therefore, I very much hope that trump's position and his actions in this regard will lead to certain correct decisions in terms of ending all harassment.”

Kucherena added that only those already sentenced can be pardoned. “In this case, all we hear over the years is the rhetoric of the relevant us officials, which is aimed at humiliating the dignity of Edward Snowden, rather than the desire to understand and make the right decision,” the lawyer believes. According to him, if there are guarantees to stop the prosecution of Snowden, he will return to his homeland, “because he loves the United States and is ready to work for its benefit and the benefit of all mankind, as he has experience in protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

As the US President said on Saturday at a press conference in Bedminster in New Jersey, he will seriously consider pardoning Snowden, noting that the issue of pardoning Snowden is extremely controversial.

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